ZoneOptions Risk Free Trade in Binary Options

If a person was offered a risk free trade in binary options, would they take it? That is the question all of my non-US readers are being asked today by a new player in the binary options trading industry called ZoneOptions. Traders outside the United States now have the opportunity to try one risk free trade in binary options with a limit up to $50.

Traders Formerly Relied on Bonus Cash for Free Trades

In the past it has been the custom of most binary option brokers to offer some form of bonus cash as an incentive to traders trying the new trading platform for the first time. The problem many investors ran into however was the high number of trades you had to make in order to have free-and-clear access to the bonus cash offered.

Enter ZoneOptions and the First Risk Free Trade

New clients who open an account right away have the unheard of opportunity of trying binary options “on the house” – the first trade (up to $50) is guaranteed risk free for new clients who sign up before the offer expires. Minimum deposit to open an account is $250 with minimum trade size of $25 (of couse your first trade will be $50, right? It’s risk-free!).

Types of Contracts Offered at ZoneOptions

ZoneOptions is like many of the more modern platforms – offering a decent spread of the popular assets – stocks, commodities, indexes, and forex binary options. Contracts are offered in a number of the most popular varieties – including touch/no-touch, bounded (range/barrier), and high low – but they’ve added a twist: high yield. Some of the assets can trade with a target price (rather than the normal strike price) and traders can earn up to 360% on the same basic asset that used to pay out 85%. No word on what the odds of hitting the target price are but for what it’s worth the idea alone is pretty exciting. Think it would be a good idea to try your risk free binary options trade on an asset offering 360% return? What have you got to lose, right?

Other Popular Contracts and Incentives

Like many of the other leading binary options brokers, ZoneOptions offers generous bonus cash – 40% of your initial deposit up to a maximum bonus of $4000 (click here to learn more about sign on bonuses). In addition to the bonus cash, there also appears to be a new type of contract (though I have yet to see it in action yet) – it is the 60 seconds binary option. If I am reading it right, this means that the asset / contract would expire every 60 seconds – and it appears to be offered on oil, EUR/USD and GBP/USD – the deepest and most liquid forex trading markets – talk about fast paced! I want to see those contracts in action.

ZoneOptions – Offering the Risk Free Binary Options Trade

I just want to wrap up and say that I for one have never seen a broker offer a risk free trade of ANY size before – so I hope my non-US readers will take a look at this very unusual offer and give it a whirl and report back to us what you traded, how much you made, and whether ZoneOptions was as good as their word vis a vis the guarantee. Sign up for the risk free trade here. As best I can tell early closure is also offered on some contracts – so be sure to make smart use of that.

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